SMPS Quasi Resonant dengan IC STR-X6757 dalam pengembangan

pengetesan peratama 11-juli 2015  hanya sekedar jalan




Features and Benefits

  • Quasi-resonant topology IC –> Low EMI noise and soft switching
  • Bottom-skip mode –> Improved system efficiency over the entire output load by avoiding increase of switching frequency
  • Auto-Standby mode –> Lowers input power at very light output load condition
  • Avalanche-guaranteed MOSFET –> Improves system-level reliability and does not require VDSS derating
  • 650 VDSS / 0.62 Ω RDS(on)
  • Various protections –> Improved system-level reliability
  • Pulse-by-pulse drain overcurrent limiting
  • Overvoltage Protection (bias winding voltage sensing), with latch
  • Overload Protection with latch
  • Maximum on-time limit



saya masih menggunakan pcb versi juli 2015 dengan modifikasi


skema ini ditujukan untuk pembelajaran, masih mungkin terdapat error STR-X6757_BY_RES


penjelasan akan dilanjutkan lain waktu

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