HL-340 usb to serial driver for windows 7 64 bit (CH341SER.EXE)

akhirnya setelah pencarian yang hampir putus asa nemu juga driver usb to serial HL-340 buat windows 7 64 bit yang bisa diambil di :

HL-340 usb to serial driver,



12-06-2014 : new link


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42 Responses to “HL-340 usb to serial driver for windows 7 64 bit (CH341SER.EXE)”

  1. jitu.d.gr8 Says:


  2. somen_one_need_HL-340 Driver Says:

    Thanks a lot ;)

  3. Aji Says:

    yang win 7 32 bit ada bos..??

  4. restovarius Says:

    link yg aku posting ngga bisa buat 32 bit ya?coba googling aja siapa tau nemu yg 32 bit

  5. rafik Says:

    tank you, semoga bermanfaat

  6. Wisinho Says:

    Thamks guys

  7. Gary Garay Says:

    nakuha rin namin at working fine.. thanks

  8. daus Says:


  9. Jamal Says:

    Greeeat.. it’s working properly in w7 32 bit. thx very much…

  10. John Davies Says:

    Great! Working properly in Windows 7 64 Bit. Thank you very much.

  11. Elton Says:

    Thanks very much

  12. dhaval Says:

    what to do for win7 32 bit. i cant under stand the solution given above due t o language barrier

  13. restovarius Says:

    I’ve never tried on 32 bit (my notebook 64bit) but I think it is compatible.
    try to download and install from the link above

  14. didi Says:

    thanks mas broo…

  15. shoaib Says:

    I installed it on my HP probook4530s windows7 homepremimum 64 bit . but I does not work

  16. restovarius Says:

    it works on my dell inspiron 1460 win 7 home premium 64bit

  17. wang Says:

    its a very helpful working thanks

  18. Gihan Says:

    Great. It’s working

  19. Jonah Chege Says:


  20. andy Says:

    thanks a lots its.. working on windows 7 =)

  21. sukhoi150 Says:

    terima kasih, sy pakai HP PaviLion g series
    Tapi FAILED.. mungkin laptopnya jeLek
    karena saya coba di ACER Netbook XP, it works..

  22. Guilherme Augusto Santos Says:

    vaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu !!!

  23. Dokaido Says:

    Man you´re great, thank you!, i bought this adapter and doesn´t work, but with your drivers Works great!!!, thanks a lot man!

  24. restovarius Says:

    Thank you, but it’s not my driver, I just share a download link from manufacturer here

  25. mohamed Says:

    thanks youuuuuuuuuuu

  26. Juan Carlos Says:

    Gracias amigo

  27. Marcelo Says:

    estava quase jogando fora o adaptador ,valeu muito obrigado .

  28. restovarius Says:

    alhamdulillah ora sida dibuwang

  29. Leo4116 Says:

    Muchas gracias, me salvó.

  30. TenZ Says:

    Thanks a lot..

  31. arif Says:

    Thanks a lot … it’s working fine in windows 7 64bit

  32. wamin suwito Says:

    thanks a lot

  33. Hamza Says:

    thanks a lot bro

  34. Ed Says:


  35. romi Says:

    ty ggwp

  36. Cesar Silva Says:

    muchas gracias instaló a perfección el dispositivo

  37. AR Says:

    Signed drivers for Win7 / Win2008Srv:


  38. Bob Says:

    Broken Link

  39. arsath Says:

    i can’t download it it show error.pls upload another one link for windows 7 (64bit)

  40. jed Says:

    thanks very useful

  41. Lucio-e- Says:


  42. aeng Says:

    Thanks :) finally works properly

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